GRIT is a comprehensive software suite which will consist of every tool and metric that a brand manager needs. Grit is Amazon operation software that streamlines and automates workflow. There are five dashboards which reminds, visualizes and automates tasks. In doing so, this will allow the account manager to maximize productivity, decrease their time, errors,  while also increasing sales long term

What is GRIT?

All in one Amazon Suite

User Friendly

An extremely user friendly platform for companies and brand holders of all sizes as well as future & current agencies. Integrating a complete set of tools into one simple web application for every day tracking, optimization and rep orting.

One platform all the tools

Grit is a comprehensive software suite that houses every tool and can provide automation, analytics and management/insight for Amazon brands with an algorithm that allows each tool to work with one another.

Made from sellers like you

Our unique program structure allows all of the MWS APIs to work together cohesively. This has incredible application in creating an automated seller environment. Automating manual jobs allows Amazon accounts to concentrate on higher-value tasks while also dramatically increasing efficiency.


Unlike most tool offered today. We developed these tools after selling and managing accounts. We found that some tools are good and others are not. Overall, we used various tools that were highly overpriced and lacked needed features.

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